"Dear Feng,

It worked – I am pregnant! We are so thrilled (although obviously we know that it's still very early days) and both Charlie & I wanted to thank you so, so much for all your support. None of this would have been possible without your treatment getting us to the right place.

The ARGC are checking my hcG and progesterone levels every 2-3 days to make sure that everything is going in the right direction (progesterone was low to begin with but they have given me extra and all is well at the moment).

Thank you so much again."

- She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Feng has recently participated in studies with Professor Detlef Schikora (University of Paderborn, Germany) and Professor Sheena Lewis (Queen's University, Belfast).  Treatments improved ovary function and fertilization rates. Significantly increased sperm quality, quantity and reduced sperm DNA damage were also evident. Professor Lewis described the results as remarkable and, by Professor Schikora, "...a world breakthrough in both fertility and photomedical treatment".  He is calling for further research.

Low AMH (0.06): Age 36, trying for a second child, first was a natural pregnancy 4 years earlier.  Suffered from severe periods pain, ovarian reserve 0.06, specialist consultant advised that she wouldn't be able to get pregnant by herself and suggested assisted fertility treatment. Had 6 weekly sessions of acupuncture and after only 2 weeks the period pains had reduced by 50%. The following month she fell pregnant. She continued with weekly acupuncture for a further 3 months and gave birth to a daughter.

High FSH (70): Age 43, had an FSH level of 70  and was referred by her doctor to the menopause clinic at Queen Charlotte Hospital.  Her periods were regular. Following a course of acupuncture her FSH level went down to 11 and three months later she fell pregnant and went on to deliver a full term healthy son.

Age 38, tried for two years to become pregnant. After 4 months of acupuncture she fell pregnant but then decided to stop the treatment [it is recommended to continue with treatment until 14 weeks] and suffered a miscarriage. The following year she underwent two IVF treatments alone which both failed. Returned for a further 3 months of acupuncture, fell pregnant and continued with the treatment during the early months and had a healthy son.

Mary (aged 28) was a happily married lady and both she and her husband wished to start a family. For reasons, which no-one could understand, she could not conceive. Having endured six failures with IVF, with a friend for moral support she finally decided to seek help with a course of acupuncture. After two months of acupuncture, complemented by infusions of Chinese medicine, with great emotion, she one day reported that she was pregnant. She remained concerned about the possibility of miscarriage, and was able to be reassured that this was neither less nor more likely than for any other pregnancy.

Two months into the pregnancy, Mary experienced mild bleeding, which had plainly been brought on by overwork in relation to her family and commitments to friends. She had not at that time told anyone that she was pregnant. A treatment of acupuncture stopped the bleeding, but she also agreed on the paramount importance of easing up; others would have to manage without her. A further complication lay in the fact that she was a mild epileptic. With acupuncture symptoms of epilepsy were reduced, and medication could also be scaled back to a minimum during the remainder of her pregnancy. Mary gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Dear Feng,

Apologies for not getting in touch sooner, but I am delighted to inform you that I gave birth to a lovely baby boy 3 months ago. He is absolutely amazing and has been keeping me very busy for the last 12 weeks, hence the delay in me e-mailing you.

Thank you so much for all your help – your course of acupuncture worked wonders.

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